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Collider space

We are excited to announce that coming soon, this page will serve as a hub for showcasing the incredible talent within the Gollider Community. Here, you will find a curated collection of portfolios and projects from our diverse and dynamic co-working space members.

Prepare to be inspired as we bring together a multitude of creative minds, innovative ideas, and groundbreaking ventures. Whether you're seeking inspiration, collaboration opportunities, or simply want to explore the impressive works of our community, this page will be your go-to destination.

Stay tuned for the launch of "Our Community" and get ready to witness the future unfold with the incredible portfolios and projects from the Collider Community. 

გრაფიკული დიზაინი

Welcome to "Our Community"!

Jim Meskhi

Adobe Expert

Expert and Instuctor at Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Jim's portfolio you can find on following link:

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