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Welcome, I am Collider Coworking space in Vake, near Mziuri park 

big yard, with all comfort, fresh air and fast wifi
Collider Coworking space in Vake

Coworking space COLLIDER is a bright workspace located in Nino Ramishvili str#6, in the heart of Tbilisi, near Mziuri park, where you will find a lot of greenery, a delicious peach bar, a green yard, a warm environment and the same kind of staff.

Coworking was launched 2 years ago, and since then Collider has been connecting innovators, to generate, develop ideas and innovations in our walls.

Collider since it's inception was not only a business, but also and idea, a goal, a plan, a future, the implementation of which was not an easy process.

That is why from the beginning the idea was conceived that the COLLIDER should not be just a space where people work, but more than a work space.

That is why, Collider is a space that brings together different professions, professionals, information, brains, energy, and just interesting people, offer you a unique type of shared work commune, full customised for you.

Collider is a space that allows you to get away from everyday stress, work in a creative and comfortable environment.

Collider is a space that offers you an interesting master classes, trainings, lessons, and simply a space that is an accelerator of your business tasks and professionals development.

You do achieving, we'll provide the perfect, comfortable space for you.

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