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This is GOGI ๐Ÿคฉ

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Meet, this is Gogi.

Find your cozy space in our Coworking space
Hello, This is GOGI

Graphic designer, interior, UI/UX and web designer, architect, accountant, HR, lawyer, web developer and just a very busy person.

He was looking for a comfortable workplace for a long time.

Working at home - was not productive. Everything got in the way - pets, friends, TV. That is why he decided to find a comfortable workplace for him.

Where he didn't go: in the different cafes near his house.

Find your cozy place in our Coworking space
Gogi searching cozy space for work

He tried to work in the park, on the fresh air, but after many discomfort, he realised - park was not suitable for work.

In short, after many, many and many more searches, Gogi was going to give up, when Collider's ad came across.

Gogi did not know that a person of his profession could come to work in such shared space.

Find your place in our coworking space
Find your place

Gogi thought - I've tried everywhere and let's try to work in Collider as well.

Since then, he became a permanent and integral member of the Ramishvili branch.

Gogi finally found his cozy place.

If you are looking for a comfortable workplace, come around and find your place in our shared workspace.


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